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Sierra, as a toddler

Childhood cancer Awareness Ribbion pose  

Sierra at age 7.  She hopes you will do this pose too, share it others, and help raise awareness.       





Our Yoga care package

                Worth $80

          Priceless stress release

      Free to children with cancer

         Provided by your donations



Kim is a yoga and pilates instructor and a studio owner.  She used yogatechniques to help her daughter during the stress of chemo.  It was her daughter's idea to teach yoga to other children with cancer. Kim has experience
not only in yoga but also in working with social organizations and churches. She specializes in working with families.   She was a Fitness Expert for the Newborn Channel for the program "Back in Shape." She specializes in Prenatal and Postpartum exercise. Kim led classes in Massachusetts for the Quincy Family Network,the Hull Family Network, Beechwood on the Bay School and at Quincy Medical as well as top gyms and maternity centers. She also has her Masters of Divinity  Degree from Harvard.  She has 19 years of teaching experience, 30 years of practice, and a down to earth style that incorporates the mind, body, and spirit for both caretakers and the child.

Our Yoga Mission

Childhood Cancer Kids mission is to provide yoga care packages, events, videos, books, audio CDs, yoga mats, and yoga teacher training to benefit children with cancer.

Get Involved

  • Yoga studios and people can help with awareness raising too.

  • Host an Event or do our Childhood Cancer Awareness Ribbon Pose and share #childhoodcancer #awarenessribbonpose 

Our Founder, Sierra

Our Co-Founder, Emalena

Emalena also started doing yoga when she was a baby.  She enjoys applying yoga to her gymnastics practice.  Her focus is on yoga for the rest of the family affected by cancer, especially siblings.  Siblings need support and our mission is to find many ways to help siblings.

Sierra started doing Yoga when she a baby  She was diagnosed with Cancer when she was 5 years old. "Yoga is a great way to make your body and you be calmer." 

She wants to bring yoga to Childhood Cancer Kids undergoing chemo and those who have finished treatments and surgeries but continue to deal with medical procedures such as "getting pricked with needles."