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Attending the "Milwood " Film Premiere

 ... "We expected going to the premiere would be cool, but we did not expect it to be so touching. Before the movie started, the Producer, Michelle Romano, began speaking of Sierra Preveza, a 7-year-old girl who was suffering from cancer during the time they were filming Milwood. At the time, they had heard of her wish to be a movie star, and even though they were almost done filming, they created a part just for her. Romano then called up Sierra, (now cancer-free), to the stage and presented her with a check benefitting the organization Sierra started, Childhood Cancer Kids. Sierra spoke about her organization, generating many laughs from the audience when she began saying how she started Childhood Cancer Kids because she noticed that “breast cancer was more popular” and going on to say how all the money she saved up in her piggy bank she was donating to kids with cancer. Her words, though simple, made the audience both laugh and cry. By the time she was done speaking, the audience was on their feet clapping. It was amazing to see another kid, at only 7 years old, taking action and making a difference." ...

Coastal Angler

Captain Jr. Dunne and Sambvca Charters supports Childhood Cancer Kids By Coastal Angler Boston on February 1, 2014